Sunday Musings and a pretty yarn bowl

It’s a beautiful morning with clear blue sky and sunshine. Plenty of coffee. Nothing shouting for my immediate attention. What could be more perfect for a laid-back Sunday morning after catching my breath from a busy week?

I’d been meaning to show you the yarn bowl I picked up at an art market a couple of months ago. I love it when I have an excuse to support local artists. Isn’t it pretty?

pottery yarn bowl by Sherry Lutz
Leaves & Nature pottery yarn bowl by Sherry Lutz

I was first introduced to Sherry Lutz’s pottery a couple of months prior at the New Orleans Museum of Art Gift Shop where I saw her “Louisiana Seafood” gumbo bowls and purchased two. While strolling through the art market, I immediately recognized Sherry’s pottery and stopped to look at other pieces on display. I hardly needed any coaxing though, when I spotted some pieces in her “Leaves & Nature” which I had not seen before. And oooooh … looky there … a huge yarn bowl. Perfect. I LOVE it.

 yarn bowl

I actually took the pictures several weeks ago, but here it is when I was getting ready to knit another Red Hots Anklets sample model for the pattern I completed for publication just a few days ago.

huge yarn bowl

You can see by the size of the bowl compared to the yarn that this bowl is nice and roomy. It will be great for using with some of those huge single balls of yarn that are enough to make a stole or shawl all by themselves. But most of all, I just enjoy looking at this pretty yarn bowl with its subtle coloring and delightful ‘leaves’ theme.


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9 thoughts on “Sunday Musings and a pretty yarn bowl”

  1. Yes, I like the new website! And this bowl is…..OUTSTANDING!! My favorite things are leaves so this is JUST BEAUTIFUL!! I’ll be looking for one! (Or maybe I’ll put it on a wishlist for one of my sons who is now turning wooden bowls on a lathe!) OOO—the leaves are just great! What could be better?…yarn, needles, AND leaves! AWWWW. Sigh!
    Thank you for showing us!

  2. I love the new look of the newsletter and this yarnbowl is beautiful. Only wish she had them online so I could snag one for myself.

    1. I contacted Sherry Lutz, the artist, via her email posted on her website and she replied how you can get a yarn bowl for yourself:

      Bethany contacted me and hopefully, I’ll be sending her one soon (I have some in the kiln firing). People can reach me through email or by calling me directly at : (985) 796-9018. I really need to work on that web site and get a shopping cart going, but for now, this is the only way to reach me.

  3. I love this wonderful creation!!! This should be a mandatory item in a spinner’s, crocheter’s, knitter’s collection of toys, er…… tools!!!!!

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