The new look of news from HeartStrings

It’s been a long time a-coming that I’ve wanted to bring a new look and new features to my HeartStrings e-newsletter.

That is where my weekend was spent … TOTALLY in front of the computer. But I made big headway in not only laying out the new template, but also sending a newsletter in the new format to subscribers. After all, I was anxious to hear what other people thought, too!

The new look of news from HeartStrings

So far, it appears to be well-received. I am really appreciative of so many people having taken the time to write me or post comments on Facebook about the new look of the newsletter. There have been SO many comments, but just to give you a flavor …

From Donna:
” The new look is great. Quite enjoy the layout and navigable pages! 

From Cindy:
” I love the new look! Very easy to read & graphics are great! 

From Naomi:
” In the midst of re-design of my own blog, I was impressed by yours. All the elements, colors very engaging. And congratulations on all the recent success: wonderful reward for all your hard work over the years. 

Barbara wrote:
” Love it! Very refreshing and up to date. 

… and many more along the same lines. Well, it looks like the new newsletter format is basically a go. Let me know if you think of other ways or things you’d like to see. I can’t promise I can do everything, but it might be something I can and haven’t thought of!

All in all, I am feeling quite accomplished as I start off the week. Hope it stays that way, lol.

What do YOU think?

Also there have been several comments about the Yarn Bowl in this most recent newsletter:

Bonne wrote:
I love this wonderful creation! This should be a mandatory item in a spinner’s, crocheter’s, knitter’s collection of toys, er…… tools.

My thoughts:
Yes, so true. I’m going to rename that newsletter column from “Tools of the Trade” to “Toys of the Trade”!

Lynne wrote:
Thanks for featuring the yarn bowl. I’d seen them at craft shows but hadn’t known what they were because they were called string bowls.

My thoughts:
Ahhh! I bet that the craft shows were marketing them as “string” bowls so as to appeal to people who might just want to use them as a pretty thing to put their packing string into?

BTW, I’ve noticed that some of these type bowls only have a closed hole. So if you would ever need to take the string/yarn out of the bowl while you were still knitting (e.g. maybe to transport your project somewhere else), you’d need to cut the yarn. That might be ok for packing string (which you’d probably want to cut anyway). You probably noticed on the picture of this one, that the hole has a slit up to the top edge so that the yarn can be removed without cutting.

p.s. If you are not already receiving the HeartStrings newsletter, there is a convenient signup form in the sidebar of this blog page to do that now.

p.p.s. You can find the blog article I did about the Yarn Bowl here.



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