Wounded – Beware of sharp things trying to interfere with your knitting

… or when knitting is not quite as fun as it could be … 

I had the unfortunate experience last week when I cut one of the critical fingers that I use in usual knitting technique to achieve speed, as well as maintain control and gauge. It was a relatively deep gash on the index finger which I use a LOT in my knitting. What a downer. And especially because I was in the middle of making sample models for a book by Donna Druchunas about Dorothy Reade’s lace knitting. I am one of the contributors and will have 2 projects in this book based on Dorothy Reade’s #11 Offset Chevrons stitch pattern that I adapted for embellished beaded knitting. Not only did my finger hurt like h***, but I was really concerned that I would be able to maintain the gauge I had started out with. A bandaid didn’t help – that just got in the way more. But then I had to be very careful that I didn’t continue to pock the needle point into the gash in my finger – ouch!  

I persevered and fortunately I have models for both the hand warmers and socks completed now (and to gauge, yay!). They are on their way to Donna in the mail along with signed contract. Want a sneak-peek?


Here is one of the hand warmers made up in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn. The socks are stunning, too, but I want to let Donna present that to you in her book. I hope you will look for the patterns for these hand warmers and the socks when the book comes out later next year.

My finger is feeling much better now and the gash is almost closed up. So it is onto the next deadline project, which is a beaded cowl/smoke ring for Tracy Robinson in her Tilli Tomas Rock Star and Plie Silk yarns. More on that later. 

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