Pet the Bunnies

When I and other members of Association of Knitwear Designers (AKD) are asked to knit swatches for TNNA’s Great Wall of Yarn (GWOY), we can make anything from plain to fancy — whatever our design creativity leads us to in showing off the yarn well. bunny made in kid mohair

Over the past few days, I posted about the swatches/mini-projects I made in the 4 yarns I was sent to work with. All you saw in those posts were the final ‘swatches’ I completed for display on the Wall. However, what I did not initially mention is that before I dove into the creative swatches, I did the zen-type of thing by knitting some plain stockinette stitch swatches just to get a feel for how the yarn handles while I let the yarn ‘speak to me’.

knitted bunnies in process of being made Just for fun, yesterday I turned those plain swatches into bunnies! Since I will not be able to go to TNNA this time, I’ve mailed the bunnies to my designer friend Jennifer Hagan (Figheadh Knits), who will be attending TNNA for the first time and offered to deliver these additional ‘swatches’ to the yarn company booths.
So if you will be at TNNA, be sure to stop in at the booths of these 4 yarn companies to pet the bunnies:

  • ShibuiKnits – booths 363/462
  • Colinton Australian Angoras – booth 2243
  • Kaalund Yarns (Jumbok) – booth 360
  • Jarbo Garn – booths 1026/1028
bunny made in kid mohair
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7 thoughts on “Pet the Bunnies”

  1. i can’t seem to figure out how to put them together. i guess i’ll have to wait for the video. when you decide to make one, it would be great if you could put it on facebook …thanks
    i’m sure my grand daughters will love them once they are assembled. i’ve got the squares all ready…

  2. Hello from Norway
    This was the most beautiful toy I ever saw. I will try to knit and sew the pattern, but it looks difficult to sew together. You are magical with yarn.


  3. Jackie, all the yarn companies LOVED the bunnies, especially Colinton, because they make stuffed animals with rescued fleece (from animals that have to be put down)–so your bunny fit right in with the other creatures! It was lots of fun delivering them!

  4. Jackie – those bunnies are SO cute! I responded to your recent comment about my GWOY samples, with a link for readers to come see your bunnies! I couldn’t make those, no matter how I tried. They’ll be a hit, I’m siure!

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