love these Hiya Hiya interchangeable knitting needles

I’m trying out the Hiya Hiya interchangeable knitting needles (and a few other cute goodies). Want to see?

Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles and notions

These here are the steel needles with 5″ tips, but they also come with 4″ tips or in bamboo). They are WONDERFUL. To start with, I love the elegant silk brocade case. You can’t help but feel these are really special needles. The case is very functional with well-designed pockets for the multiple-sized cables and tips. Most of all, I love the design of the tips, the secure join of needle tips to cables, and the smoothness of both the needles and the joins. The cable is so flexible; it doesn’t fight me at all.

Hiya Hiya interchangeable knitting needles with 5" tips

Using a silk yarn is the ultimate test in smoothness of circular needle cables and these Hiya Hiya’s have a perfect score as far as I am concerned. Oh, and aren’t these little yarn-ball markers just the cutest thing?  They came in a little red squeeze-opening “dumpling” case I photographed lying here beside my in-progress knitting.

Silk Lace Cross in progress in Hiya Hiya knitting needles

p.s. The project in progress shown on the needles is the  ornate scalloped edge #A98 Lace Cross pattern design, now available from HeartStrings. The yarn shown is Tilli Tomas Demi Plié silk color Atmosphere.

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15 thoughts on “love these Hiya Hiya interchangeable knitting needles”

  1. I love Hiya needles!!! Any of them are superior to the MANY others I have used. I have not tried the ones you are testing because my luck with other brands has been so unsatisfactory, well cost too:-), but I am a Hiya needle knitter!

  2. Hi Susan, I have the notebook full of KP’s needles….I love my Hiya Hiya’s much more than the KP’s.
    The points are quite similar and they cables don’t pull out of the screw ends, which was starting to happen with almost all my KP interchangebles.

  3. HI Jackie, I love the new newsletter, it’s great!
    I had an old Boye interchangelable set I used for 30 years, then bought the KnitPicks needles and really liked them. Then the cables started pulling out of the screw parts. So I researched all the needles I could find. I bought that set of Hiya Hiya’s and I’m sticking with them!
    I love the swivel points at the cable ends, the nice sharp points, the case..Oh, it’s so beautiful.
    I’ll buy more points and cables to fill my case…I have the needles I need for everything now!

  4. I sell the HiyaHiya needles, and they are my customer favorites by far. They come in both bamboo and stainless steel, and are available in sizes that few other manufacturers make (1.5, 2.5, 10.75, 10.85). The price is very reasonable as well.

    It’s nice to hear such a good recommendation for HiyaHiya, Jackie!

  5. Jackie,

    I have bought about 4 Hiya Hiya lace needles and I love the pointy end and the flexible cord. How do the interchangable ones hook together? Is there a key to secure them or do they just push into place? It is hard to see in the photo. Are the sets available now?

    1. The interchangeables just twist together. This set I have here is the regular tips. I understand that the sharps in the interchangeables will be available in December.

    2. HI Rose, There are two small rubber oval’s to hold the base and screw the needle on with. They are very secure and I haven’t had any problems with them. I love my set!

  6. Nice to hear that you like them, I have been checking out different interchangables on the Internet and saving money to buy a set. I really like the way they are packaged as a small set or a larger needle set.

  7. Jackie: How pointy are they? I’ve been using KnitPicks and love the very pointy needles for almost everything except extremely splitty yarns. It’s quite an adjustment for me to use more blunt/rounded tips.

    1. I wish you could come over to try these out (or maybe you are near a shop who sells these and they’d give you a trial run?).

      Hiya Hiya will have a pointier lace needle version available soon.. Right now for my purposes, these are pointy enough for me. They work well in almost everything I do since I am not a tight knitter and also I knit off the tips of the needles – both which help me stave off any carpel tunnel syndrome given how much knitting I do!. (I say “almost”, because the needle size only goes down to size US 2 in the interchangeables — but I do have smaller regular Hiya Hiya circulars in the smaller sizes and they are great, too).

      But if you feel more comfortable with only very pointy needles and aren’t working with splitty yarns, then the Hiya Hiya lace needles should be available soon. Considering the quality and value of these, I can’t imagine that the lace needles will be great, too.

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