Lace Cross – my newest HeartStrings pattern

I wanted to share with you, my friends, a little announcement about Lace Cross, my latest HeartStrings pattern. This ornate cross can be used as a bookmark, communion gift, mounted and framed, or a thoughtful Christian token of friendship.

Lace Crosses (unbeaded to left, beaded version to right)
Lace Crosses (unbeaded to left, beaded version to right)

Right now, it is available as pdf or hard-copy pattern. I am thinking of offering as a kit, too. But first I’ll see if there is interest in kits or just the pattern where people can select their own yarn and (optional) beads.

These crosses work up very quickly. They are knitted as a wide lace strip and then shaped using an interesting seamless construction. The pattern includes both the basic set of instructions for the version without the beads, and also a beaded cast on version.

I’ll be announcing this new pattern in the upcoming November dealer newsletter, but wanted to give everyone a heads up earlier than that  for the gift-making and gift-giving season that we’re already getting into.

2-color Lace Cross
Lace Cross (cast on row and shape-as-you-go bind off in contrast color)


Written by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer - Visit Website

2 thoughts on “Lace Cross – my newest HeartStrings pattern”

  1. Jackie,

    I will definitely order your pattern when it is announced. It’s beautiful and I would like to try to make it.

    I have addmired your work for YEARS. I think I received (years ago) a postcard or snail mail note on your shop, maybe. I tried ordering from you, but I couldn’t get my order in fast enough and always missed out! Just can’t remeber what it was = but know that when I found you online I was very happy. I am a “long-term admirer”!

    (Hurry with the Lace Cross pattern. I have several folks already picked out that I dream of gifting for Christmas or later, too, of course.)

    Love and Blessings, Jan

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