A Delightful Request from Jean Moss

Bells On My Toes Mini Holiday Sock
My days are invariably filled with interruptions. I am easily distracted, so it is no wonder I often stray from the schedule I had planned for the day. One such particularly notable day happened last week, but what a delight in many ways. I started off the morning as I usually do and checked the early emails that had come in since the previous evening. I had one from Jean Moss, one of Great Britain’s leading knitwear designers.

She was preparing an answer to the question of “her top five knitted Xmas gifts” to be included in the December issue of the UK magazine Knitting and was featuring my little “Bells On My Toes Mini Holiday Sock” … as one of the five! She requested a high resolution photo to submit with the article to the magazine publishers

Wow! Ordinarily, no problem. Either I have print-quality high resolution digital photos of pattern samples I’ve done, or can shoot a new still-shot photo (assuming I have a sample available to photo!). In this case, I had neither. They make such neat little gifts and are given away about as quickly as made!Since I had no sample model of which to re-shoot a photograph, I checked with Jean to see if possibly she had a knitter that could make up one of the mini-socks quickly and photograph (I offered to send a courtesy electronic version of the pattern to knitter so she could get started right away). But per usual magazine deadlines that we all seem to work up to, she would not be able to line up a knitter quickly enough to do that since it was needed next day (but did offer “if you have a high res image of an alternative ornament I can still give the details of your website, which I think is fantastic, by-the-way”).

So … decision time … (and of course, all those nice compliments played into my mind, lol) … should I just drop the things I should be doing that day and quickly knit one of these little socks and photograph? After all, the mini-socks take so little time … it was just a matter of weighing whether I wanted to do paperwork for my design business (quarterly tax stuff was due – yuck) or knit. Guess what I decided? Yep, I got going on raiding my yarn and bead stash, strung the beads, and joyfully knit up a Holiday Mini-Sock. Then got out some holiday garland and set up for my photo-shoot.

And voila I have a new photo of Bells On My Toes Mini Holiday Sock to share. Enjoy!

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