Hint-of-fall weather to energize the creative spirit

Maple Leaves from Playing in the Leaves, a HeartStrings design by Jackie E-S Happy Fall! I know it has been WAY too long since I posted to my blog. But then, I was never a great letter-writer nor did much in the way in keeping a daily journal. Days just slip by … believe me, the older you get, the faster they go.

I am not going to try to catch up in detail on all that has gone on since my last post. I did have a great beginning to the summer though — exhibited at TNNA Columbus trade show, vacationed in Maine, New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia, and chalked up some more points toward my Life Master’s in bridge. Then the days of hurricane evacuations ensued, and believe me, that is NOT conducive to productive design work, lol.

Well, I am finally getting settled down again (I hope!). The Fall release, albeit delayed due to the hurricanes, is finally completed and shipped. It included Playing in the Leaves (there are instructions for the maple leaf as pictured above, along with an aspen leaf and oak leaf), Lace Doily Beret, and A Feat of Twist Socks. Do check them out if you have not already done so and let me know what you think.

Some gorgeous hint-of-fall weather has arrived here in south Louisiana — terrifically low humidity for us and low 70’s. Great for energizing the creative spirit! So, thought you might like to see what I have next up on the plate.

Prototype and yarn to make Elemental Changes Shetland Stole
It is a new design I am working on to publish soon. The working title is “Elemental Changes Shetland Stole”. The backdrop for this picture is a portion of the sample prototype for the design concept of this to-be pattern.

The yarn I am planning to use for the sample model in the published pattern is Sarah, a Suri alpaca and domestic Merino yarn by Kraemer. Have you tried this new yarn yet?
Well, I am off to wind up some yarn and try it out!

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  1. The new Shetland Stole you’re working on looks beautiful and I can’t wait to see the completed pattern for sale! As a matter of fact, I’m mentally searching my stash right now for the perfect yarn for it.

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