A fashion twist with Kreinik Metallic

At the TNNA Show last June, Kreinik’s Creative Director Dena Lenham introduced me to their new Metallic Fashion Twist Thread. It’s a strong thread that is primarily intended for use in embroidery sewing machines. This unique thread is made of 100% polyester with a liminate of silver. The softness of the thread (so many metallics can be slightly scratchy), the great sparkle, plus anti-mocrobial properties (thereby resistant to fungus) immediately caught my interest. I told Dena, that yes, I thought I could definitely do something with this in the knitting realm.

The colors shown here are Camel (left) and Fuchsia (right) – there are a range of 10 other nice colors offered as well. The thread comes with a handy mesh ‘tamer’ to keep the thread from unwinding by itself when not in use. These aare the 1000 meter cones, and they also have larger 300 meter cones available. With such great yardage, most knitting projects using this thread as a carry-along will likely need only a single smaller cone.
Kreinik Matallic Fashion Twist Thread

Fast forward to today when I tried my new Flip digital camcorder for the first time. I picked up the Glitz and Beads sock that I am working on using some Kreinik Metaillic fashion twist thread and just dove into showing and talking about it.

This video was entirely off the cuff (sock that is, lol) and I definitely need to work on better focus. I was trying to do this all by myself, so wrapping my arms around the camera at the same time as seeing what I was shooting, plus trying to talk, was maybe too involved for a first try, lol. I think it turned out pretty well for a first try, though. Being entirely un-rehearsed, I hadn’t even really thought of what I was going to say. I just started into it, and things went from there. I bet that’s apparent from how many times you’ll hear me say ‘nice’ in this video. Did you count them?

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2 thoughts on “A fashion twist with Kreinik Metallic”

  1. I talk about doing videos but have not done any yet. Truth is, I don’t like being captured on film much (even singing on our CDs was difficult). In person? On the fly? Love that. But will have to give video a shot, at least to support techniques in my patterns which are not common.

    If I did a video as you did, turning it on and diving in… my repeat word would be “lovely.” If my hubby did it, his would be “inclined.” (As in, “I’m inclined to…”) Everybody has at least one of those. Remember in the 70’s when John Denver would say “Far Out” every other sentence?

    I love shiny things, may check out this yarn. For dance and singing on stage, shiny is really a good attribute. Will look for this at June TNNA.

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