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I Love Yarn EVERY Day

“I Love Yarn Day” is today, October 12th. The day that the Craft Yarn Council has designated to affirm our passion for yarn. Like I need an excuse, lol.

I think it is great to bring focus on something that can be loved. Like Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, or …? Why not Yarn Day?

Strengthening the yarn industry is a good thing. Encouraging, preserving and advancing the skills in textile arts is a good thing. It’s about retaining the role of individual creativity in an ever-increasingly technological society.

Citing Rumplestiltskin when he expanded on the metaphor of  spinning straw into gold:

“Those who do it are really saying that technology will never entirely replace individual creativity”

How do I love yarn? Let me count the ways … (don’t have enough fingers or toes to count all the ways, lol!)

Or rather, just know that I have never met a “bad” yarn. Some of you might remember the motto from the Looking at Yarns in a New Way class that I used to teach:

There is no bad yarn, just yarn looking for a good purpose

So today, as in most days, I live yarn and do what I can to bring together people in many walks of life with the joys, skills, and inspiration of textile arts. In my small, humble way, this seems to be the inner core of what I was meant to do.