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KyleAnn loves Peggy

…¬†Peggy’s Shawl, that is.

KyleAnn Williams is a good friend and fellow knitter. She happens to be a designer in her own right, as well as a knitting teacher. And that is why I am particularly flattered that she became so enamored of the Peggy’s Shawl I had designed.

Peggy Shawl in Kid Merino knitted by KyleAnn Williamss
Peggy Shawl in Kid Merino knitted by KyleAnn Williams

I’ve lost count of how many Peggy Shawls that KyleAnn has made. They all are always lovely, but I think this one that KyleAnn knit in Crystal Palace Kid Merino in a strawberry-lime color will always remain my favorite.

You can read more about KyleAnn’s making of the Peggy Shawl in her own words¬†here.

KyleAnn Williams
KyleAnn Williams

I am really fortunate to have had KyleAnn assisting me at the TNNA Shows held in Columbus, OH each June. When TNNA changes its venue in 2013 to a different location, I am not sure what I will do. We have so much fun together. I just wish we lived closer to each other!