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Taking the art of knitting to new heights

Here’s another exciting thing going on at my HeartStrings studio I want to share with you …

Knitted Lace Edgings

I just launched the KnitHeartStrings.com, a new membership site that I have envisioned for quite a while and am finally taking the leap. The focus of KnitHeartStrings is to take learning the art of knitting to new heights. Beginners to advanced are all welcome.

If you have been avoiding learning to knit lace because you think it is too hard, I am going to tempt you with darling little projects that will help you get over the hump.

Even if you already know how to knit lace, I think you will find the projects fun (and who knows, you might even pick up a tip or trick along the way). Or use the projects to help teach and encourage someone else.

I will treat KnitHeartStrings members with a little project each month (for free!). I am starting with a series I call Bits of Lace. Because all the projects are lace edgings done on just a few stitches, they are a practical way to explore the structure and techniques of knitted lace. Each project will take just a small amount of materials and time. I hope this will be perfect for the busy lives we all have!

The new KnitHeartStrings site is still pretty barebones. But since there were already several hundreds of knitters on my HeartStrings newsletter list already chomping at the bit to get started, I didn’t see any reason to hold off rolling out the first pattern of the 2012 series for Bits of Lace now. You can read about it here.

So grab this month’s free pattern now from the Free Content page of the KnitHeartStrings.com website. Not a member yet? Register here to join today to get the Free membership level.

I have lots of other features and content planned to add to the site.  Hope you will join in now to start taking advantage of it all. See you there!