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Italian Knitted Bunny, in support of Fondazione San Vincenzo

Connecting with people around the world is such fun. And when that connection can help people in other parts of the world, even if I might never be able to travel so far to see them, so much the better.

And such is my pleasure to introduce you to Paolo Dalle Piane, a knitter living in Tuscany, Italy. Recently, Paolo contacted me to get permission to use my pattern “Knitted Bunny from a Square” for the purpose of supporting a local charity group Fondazione San Vincenzo. The idea is that knitted items from the pattern would be sold during Christmas markets and the earned money donated to disadvantaged families. But since the charity ladies do not speak any English, Paolo would translate the pattern in Italian.

I am happy to announce that the Italian translation of Knitted Bunny from a Square is now available, Coniglietto da un Quadrato di Maglia, thanks to Paolo. Please visit Paolo’s blog site for more information about Paolo and charity support for Fondazione San Vincenzo.

Paolo's Knitted Bunny
Paolo's Knitted Bunny from a Square, courtesy of Paolo Dalle Piane

This Italian version marks the 4th translation of the original Knitted Bunny English pattern at HeartStringsFiberArts.com. The other language versions currently available, in addition to English, are Spanish, Dutch and Swedish. If you are interested in volunteering to do an official translation into another language, let me know!

No Calorie Chocolate Bunny

One of the most popular little patterns I offer is the origami Knitted Bunny (a.k.a. Bunny from a Square or Bunny from a Swatch). Of course, part of its popularity might be that it is available for personal use at no cost to you (although a donation is appreciated if you are able and feel inclined). But I think that more so (even if I were charging for the pattern), it would be popular because this folded origami style makes up into such dang cute bunnies!

I’ve made SO many little bunnies from this pattern and have enjoyed every one of them. Most are given away, but here is one I still have on hand to keep me company this Easter. I call him my No Calorie Chocolate Bunny.

Chocolate Knitted Bunny

This is a sample I  made in a class I taught at an alpaca farm in Mississippi. Appropriately, the yarn is alpaca. I love the chocolaty color. This version of Knitted Bunny is done entirely in garter stitch, so is even better suited to the absolute beginning knitter level.

You’ll notice that one ear flops forward and one flops backwards. I love the personality of this little bunny — those ears give him a jaunty, carefree look. I think he is enjoying nibbling in my herb garden!

The tail is a little felted ball of yarn with the ends securely sewn into the body. So this little guy can also be considered a ‘kid safe’ version.

I’ll be back again in a day or two with instructions and photos for other Knitted Bunny ear and tail variations contributed by one of the many Friends of HeartStrings who are so kind in sharing what they are knitting with HeartStrings patterns. Can’t wait to show you — so cute.

Thanks to Yvonne: Bunny pattern in Dutch and Swedish

I am pleased to introduce Yvonne Peelen-Pel for this week’s Friends of HeartStrings Gallery. Yvonne was born in the Netherlands and now lives in Sweden. She is studying at the university and wants to be a handcraft teacher. Until she has completed her studies, she said that she only does little projects. That is why she loved the Knitted Bunny so much. She said, “When I am ready for teaching young children to stitch, it would be a nice and easy project to do with them.”

It’s always great to hear enthusiasm like that. But that’s not all. Yvonne has translated the Knitted Bunny into Dutch and Swedish and offered it to all of us. It’s available now for free download along with the original English version (by me) and the Spanish version (translated by another HeartStrings friend, Paula Toledo) at the HeartStrings website.

Here are the translated patterns. (‘gebreid konijntje’ is in Dutch and ‘stickad kanin’ is in Swedish)

Many thanks to Yvonne for translating. Please comment here and send Yvonne some love and knitterly hugs.