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Celebrating the Vernal Equinox

March 20th marks the Vernal Equinox in 2011. In case you are wondering (or might have forgotten), the Vernal Equinox is one of two times in the year when night and day are (nearly as possible) the same. More specifically, the time at which the Vernal Equinox is UTC 23:21 today (hope I have that right, lol).

In any case, today marks the beginning of Spring. So happy Springtime to everyone, my friends.

Spring Cleaning Offer. I have several sample sets of Unicorn Fibre Wash and Fibre Rinse to give out. Request yours with any Close-out KitsYarn Paks or wholesale patterns order from HeartStrings. Offer is good until I run out of samples.

Unicorn Fibre Rinse and Fibre Wash sample set

Unicorn Fibre products are created to protect and maintain the beauty of all fibers…from raw fleece and yarns, to your most cherished hand-knit possessions. Thanks to Anna and Pino of Unicorn Fibres for their generosity in providing samples.

p.s. Remember that the Celebrate the Beginning of Spring Sale for Vernal Equinox Socks downloadable pattern is still going on through the end of today, March 20th at the Ravelry store.