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Twisted Tuesday: Creative poems to inspire you in Spring cleaning your woolies

The first day of Spring!

Today heralds the first day of Spring in the Northern hemisphere! Unfortunately, I think that we here in the New Orleans area (and some other parts of the US, too) have somehow already leaped into summer weather. Wow, has it been hot.

Anyway, are you getting ready to give your winter woolies a bath before storing them for the summer?

The Celebrate Spring contest for this month has received so many thoughtful, creative, and sometimes humorous entries. We’ve even had some poems! Some may bring a smile to your face, or even a big laugh to brighten your day. They certainly have to mine. What inspiration and fun motivation to accompany Spring cleaning chores in the next few weeks.

Poems were not a requirement of contest entries. It really surprised me but thrilled me, too, with enjoying them. So I thought it would be cool to make sure you had seen them. Here are highlights of some of the contest entries to inspire you in Spring cleaning your fibers.

From Lauren:
My hands were dry from knitting, my yarn was such a mess,
Than along came Jackie with her Unicorn wash and rinse…Oh Yes!!!

I washed and I rinsed, my yarn got so soft.
Oh, what sheen, what shimmer, what halo and loft!

Now I only use Unicorn to care for my knitting,
Because Jackie’s patterns are luscious, so it would only be fitting!

From MarieAnge:
My woolens are crinkled, wrinkled and bleak,
No sheep or llama would bleat
What a feat
This would be
If I won wash to make them neat!

From Mrsbondi:
Maidens to spin, oh what a quandry!
Shall it be llama or camel or sheep –
Buffalo or musk ox would be a leap,
And who ever knew Unicorns do laundry!
Knitting magic comes true –
Softness made just for you!

And Haiku from Pris:
spun skeins
waiting to be rescued
by unicorns
knit into soft beauty

And there are other great contest entries for the Unicorn Fibre care products here on the contest blog page and Facebook page, too. Be sure to check all of them out, and remember to add your own comments, show your love by clicking “like”, etc.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the winner of the 2nd drawing. But there will also be the March 31st Grand Prize awarded based on reader’s choice. Read more here about the Celebrate Spring contest at HeartStrings. Thank you everyone for playing!

Celebrate Spring drawing – multiple chances to win!

Let’s celebrate the upcoming start of Spring with a multi-prize drawing! Think spring cleaning as a spa treatment for your yarns and fibers, and the pleasure you will have when using Unicorn Fibre care products.

I have been meaning to tell you what a joy it has become to prepare yarn skeins for my kits since I was introduced to Unicorn a few of years ago. Not only am I providing my customers luscious-feeling yarn (and we all know how touchy-feely we knitters/crocheters can be), I love the way my hands smell from the fibre wash and rinse. Normally I would not like working with a scented product, but the light scent of Unicorn is subtle and smells refreshingly natural and clean.

And, oh boy, are the results fantastic. It’s like a spa treatment to enhance the softness and luster of your finest fibers and garments. I was so satisfied that I agreed to speak on behalf of Unicorn Fibre care products in an ad a couple of years ago (and as testimonial to using these products myself, my White Lotus Lace Shawl in Colinton Angoras yarn which received exactly the spa treatment I am describing here for softness and luster is pictured in the backdrop).

JackieES speaking on behalf of Unicorn Fibre care products

With the gracious and generous donation of Anna Carner of Unicorn Fibre care products, I am able to offer 3 prizes in this month’s contest drawing. Thanks Anna!

Just leave a comment here on the blog and/or on the HeartStrings FiberArts Facebook page about why you want to win. The more inventive or humorous your comment is, the more likely you will get ‘votes/likes’ from others. Read on to see how that will enhance your chances to win the grand prize. Here are some other tips:

  • Comment both on the blog here and the Facebook page, and you have a better chance to win.
  • The earlier the better, as there will be multiple drawings throughout the month for which you can be counted.
  • Share your comment with your friends and get “likes” for your comment. Each share and like will add to your contest entries for the grand prize at the end of the month.

Here’s the calendar and the prizes:

On March 15, 2012, a lucky winner will be randomly drawn from all comment entries so far and receive a Unicorn Fibre Wash & Rinse Gift Sampler Set.

Fibre Rinse & Wash Gift Sampler Set
Fibre Rinse & Wash Gift Sampler Set

On March 20, 2012 (which happens to be Vernal Equinox, the start of Spring), another lucky winner will be randomly drawn from all comment entries since the beginning of the contest and receive a Unicorn Fibre Wash & Rinse Gift Sampler Set.

And the Grand Prize will be awarded on March 31, 2012. The prize is the Unicorn Deluxe Fibre Wash & Rinse 16oz. Gift Set valued at $31. The winner will be the one with the highest tally of entries (taking into consideration that a like and share of a comment either here on the blog or on the HeartStrings Facebook page also counts as an entry). In the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen randomly from the top entries.

Deluxe Fibre - Wash & Rinse 16oz Gift Set
Deluxe Fibre - Wash & Rinse 16oz Gift Set


I’d love for you to win one of these. Be sure you have “liked” HeartStrings FiberArts on Facebook and that your email address was correctly entered when commenting here on the blog so I can contact you when you win and let Anna know to send out your prize right away!