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Carolyn’s Hearts Quilt

For the blog category “Friends of HeartStrings Gallery”, I’d planned to set aside one day each week to feature someone else’s creative talents. You might have noticed that over the last few weeks. (See “Joy Cyr’s Beaded Winter Wonderland Socks“, “Layering against the cold”, and “Priceless because they just grow up too fast”.) My original intent was that it would be someone who had used a HeartStrings pattern as inspiration or a jumping off place in their own creations. This week’s talent deviates from that a bit, but still deserves a “heart” place in the HeartStrings Gallery. This week I proudly present my sister Carolyn and the Hearts Quilt which she made from her original design.

I have two sisters and they both are the best in the world. You might remember last week that we were getting together. (See “A small(-er) family reunion“.) We had such a good time, but as always, much too short. My sister Carolyn brought a quilt to show us. She had recently made and entered into a prestigious competition. You know how I love hearts, anyway. But this quilt is even more special than just that, because I am so proud of my sister for making it her original design. And she got a blue-ribbon in the competition, too!

The blue-ribbon-winner original quilt design by Carolyn Bailey
The blue-ribbon-winner original quilt design by Carolyn Bailey

Here were some quick, candid photo shots I took of Carolyn holding her quilt. She told us how surprised she was that her quilt earned the first place blue ribbon, as there was fierce competition with more elaborately designed quilts. I expect that the simplicity and superb execution of Carolyn’s work had won the judges’ hearts. 🙂

As always, photographs don’t really do it justice, and obviously the informal setting did not contribute very good lighting either. But I think that you can get a sense of appreciation for it if you know anything about quilting. And even if you don’t, I think it will win your heart, too.

A small(-er) family reunion

Today is my Daddy’s birthday. Even though he is no longer with us, I am singing “Happy Birthday” in my heart. Just like he used to say to me that I would always be his little girl, well … he will always be my Daddy and have a permanent place in my heart and thoughts.

The Erickson Family at parent's 45th wedding anniversary
Looking back - The Erickson Family at parent's 45th wedding anniversary

I am very fortunate that my family has always been close, even though separated by distance spanning one coast of the US (and into Canada) to the other ever since we moved from the Chicago area when I was quite young. After my Mommy passed away in the 90’s, Daddy moved closer to my two sisters and I. The move he made was from Arizona to Georgia (where my youngest sister Marilyn lives). It made sense to him (and finally to me) that he chose the mid location of his 3 daughters. (I live in Louisiana and my other sister Carolyn lives in North Carolina.)

Marilyn and Daddy - A given was to always have a jigsaw puzzle out to be worked on
Daddy and Marilyn - A given was to always have a jigsaw puzzle out that we could all work on

Now that move of my Dad’s was not very close for either Carolyn or myself. It wasn’t like “just drop in down the street”. So we 3 girls started a family tradition of us all getting together with Daddy at a time around his birthday. And that is what we will be doing this week. It is our small family reunion, albeit smaller than before. Even though my Daddy will not be there as such, I know his presence will be felt.

Here’s to you Daddy — Happy Birthday! I love you.

Daddy with 2 of his 3 "little" girls: Jackie and Carolyn
Daddy with 2 of his 3 "little" girls - Jackie and Carolyn

p.s. Did you notice the rhyming of the 3 daughter’s names? Jacquelin, Carolyn and Marilyn!