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Baby Hats for Pediatric Hospital

Sharing this from Courtney Arsenault …

I work at a small children’s hospital in DC called HSC Pediatric Center in NE Washington DC. We have three units one of which is an infant floor with many babies coming to us from the NICU. Our biggest need is for hats, we use hats for when children go to clinic apts, discharge to home, as gifts for families having a hard time, and when a child passes away.

We serve roughly 15 to 20 infants at a time, the majority of our patients come from children’s national, they come requiring respiratory support, for feeding intolerance, and for a number of other medical reasons. As a child life specialist my number one role is to provide comfort to these infants especially when their families are unable to be there and to normalize the environment in anyway I can. Last year we received a donation of infants hats and I can’t tell you how many smiles they brought. These hats meant so much to our parents and they were received at such different points in their children’s lives and even given to our children who passed away in our care. It is not often that there is something I can give to our families that is so personal and I would love to be able to keep offering hats, unfortunately we are running low on our supplies.

Thank you so much!
Courtney Arsenault
Child life specialist
HSC Pediatric Center

I’ve added the HSC Pediatric Center to our listing at KnitHeartStrings for “Where Can I Donate Handmade Baby Items”.

Over the past 3 years we have had a Bits of Lace baby charity project featured each year at KnitHeartStrings Learn-and-Knit-Along site. Projects have been

Quick Lace-Edged Baby Socks

Quick Lace-Edged Baby Socks

Seemingly Seamless 2-Needle Preemie Hat

Preemie Hat

Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

To stay in the tradition of a bits of lace project  for charity baby knitting each year, there will be a new baby hat pattern available for one of the monthly KnitHeartStrings KAL’s during the Spring 2015. Stay tuned and be sure you are signed up as KnitHeartStrings member!

Meantime, please keep HSC Pediatric Center in mind if you are looking for a place to which to donate baby hats. You can contact Courtney Arsenault, Child life specialist
HSC Pediatric Center at CArsenault@hospsc.org

Italian Knitted Bunny, in support of Fondazione San Vincenzo

Connecting with people around the world is such fun. And when that connection can help people in other parts of the world, even if I might never be able to travel so far to see them, so much the better.

And such is my pleasure to introduce you to Paolo Dalle Piane, a knitter living in Tuscany, Italy. Recently, Paolo contacted me to get permission to use my pattern “Knitted Bunny from a Square” for the purpose of supporting a local charity group Fondazione San Vincenzo. The idea is that knitted items from the pattern would be sold during Christmas markets and the earned money donated to disadvantaged families. But since the charity ladies do not speak any English, Paolo would translate the pattern in Italian.

I am happy to announce that the Italian translation of Knitted Bunny from a Square is now available, Coniglietto da un Quadrato di Maglia, thanks to Paolo. Please visit Paolo’s blog site for more information about Paolo and charity support for Fondazione San Vincenzo.

Paolo's Knitted Bunny
Paolo's Knitted Bunny from a Square, courtesy of Paolo Dalle Piane

This Italian version marks the 4th translation of the original Knitted Bunny English pattern at HeartStringsFiberArts.com. The other language versions currently available, in addition to English, are Spanish, Dutch and Swedish. If you are interested in volunteering to do an official translation into another language, let me know!