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Beeswax Cakes for Crafting

Look what I found for you at the farmer’s market today. Well, I actually wanted some for myself, too. LOL

Beeswax Cake

There’s been a lot of discussion on the Yahoo Laceknitters list this week about knitting needles. Then that evolved into talking about methods to smooth and wax bamboo/wooden needles. A popular question was about sources for beeswax.

It just so happened that while we were buying some local alfalfa honey at the market today, I also sighted these pretty little beeswax cakes for sale on the vendor’s table.

I couldn’t help myself but imagine what a¬†pretty addition to the sewing/knitting basket. And beeswax is so useful, too, for our crafts.

I like that these cakes are pure refined 100% Beeswax with natural alfalfa honey scent. The slightly sweet, flower scent is soothing.

I’m planning to keep one handy for rubbing on my wooden and bamboo needles so the stitches glide more smoothly. This little cake is so much more elegant than the piece of inelegant wadded-up wax paper that I usually resort to.

I also know that beeswax is helpful to our crafts in many other ways, including beading, sewing and quilting.

So I bought some extra cakes for those interested. I think they are priced right to get one for yourself and even some more to gift your fiber-crafting friends.

Pure refined 100% Beeswax with natural alpaca honey scent