Twisted Tuesday: Piece Fleece Keepers

Sort and Wash Mesh Bags
a.k.a “Fleece Piece Keepers”

I love to discover and re-purpose things that probably were never intended to use with my fiber addictions. That is why for this Twisted Tuesday, I want to tell you about these poly mesh bags and how they can be used with washing fibers for spinning, for dyeing, controlling balls of fine yarn, and with caring for your small accessory knits like socks.

Cotswold wool locks in mesh bag for washing
Cotswold wool locks in mesh bag for washing

These mesh bags are sort like the bags that onions are packaged in at the grocery. The difference is that these are reusable, hold up to heat, and are nonreactive to chemicals.

Just for fun, I dub them “Piece Fleece Keepers”. I’ve found so many uses for them, that I am not sure what other fun, all-inclusive name I might give them. I use them to:

  • confine fiber and yarn in wash or dye baths
  • preserve lock structure of fleece while washing or dyeing
  • keep socks and other small items sorted in the wash and protected from excessive rubbing
  • fold the bag over multiple times and use it as an ‘elastic’ cradle to control a center-pull ball of fine lace yarn
Corral fine lace weight yarn in an elastic-like mesh cradle
Corral fine lace weight yarn in an elastic-like mesh cradle

Best of all, they are low cost and re-usable.

For use in wash or dye baths, I just fill loosely and tie off the end with a temporary overhand knot. You could also lace with a cord near the top and pull that tight and tie off.

Mesh bag used as a sock sorter in the wash
Mesh bag used as a sock sorter in the wash

Looking for a cute gift-packing idea? Tie a mesh bag into a bow, and it makes a decoration that can be undone later for use. Both festive and useful!

There are some of of these mesh bags listed at Shopatron if you’d like a convenient source. They are available in packs of 6 bags. Your choice of either all white, or a color combo (2 each of yellow, red, and purple).

Sort and Wash Mesh Bags - Available in packs of 6 bags

p.s. Since the bags are so cheap, the minimum Shopatron shipping is going to be quite a bit by comparison. So consider buying several, or purchase together with one or more of the  yarn paks for HeartStrings patterns you might have been wanting to get. That way, the overall shipping cost will be spread out.

Written by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer - Visit Website

4 thoughts on “Twisted Tuesday: Piece Fleece Keepers”

  1. I save the mesh bags off fruit bags and even turkey bags (cleaning them up of course) and use them for dying yarns and rovings.  They also work well when you’re felting small items that you don’t want to get stuck together during the process.

  2. Put wet woolies in one of these bags and whirl it around your head (outdoor activity).  Great way to “spin” water out.

    Use them to hold the leftover pieces of soap when you replace the bar.  You can then use them as a sort of pre-soaped scrubbie.

  3. These sound like they could also be used to put those garments that have bows and other decorations that could get entangled with other garments and get damaged in the washing machine. It would be better than having to wash them by hand.

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