Weekend Giveaway – What Leaf Is This?

What Leaf is This?

Weekend Giveaway – Answer “What Leaf is This?” and Win a 50g ball of Crystal Palace Mini Mochi yarn + HeartStrings pattern to knit Fantasy Leaves Scarfette

What leaf is this? Leave a comment here with your answer (can be as hilarious or serious as you want). For another chance to win, you can also post your answer on the HeartStringsFiberArts Facebook page. Tell your friends for extra chances to win. To claim prize, you must have a U.S. shipping address.

Giveaway Prize

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9 thoughts on “Weekend Giveaway – What Leaf Is This?”

  1. Congratulations to Diana C. who has won the Weekend Giveaway for “What Leaf Is This”. Diana receives 50g ball of Crystal Palace Mini Mochi yarn + pattern to knit Fantasy Leaves Scarfette.

    There were a lot of great answers here on the blog and at the HeartStringsFiberArts Facebook page. Hope everyone enjoyed. Watch for another giveaway this coming weekend with something else wonderful from HeartStrings.

  2. Related to a pear tree leaf, which is one of the earliest trees to bloom (beautiful white blossoms) in our neighborhood in the spring, so if I knit this, I can “beleaf” that spring is almost here (I am so not a dreary days winter person). It could be one leaflet of a rhododendron, but I don’t have those in my yard so I wouldn’t think of the scarf as that. But yes, a pear tree leaf would work for me.

  3. Black walnut. Definitely black walnut. See them every year at the end of fall all over my back yard. You may come pick the rest of them up if you wish:)

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