Weekend Giveaway – Bitty Beady Christmas Tree Kit

What is the smallest item you have ever knit? Leave a comment here with your answer (can be as hilarious or serious as you want). For another chance to win, you can also post your answer on the HeartStringsFiberArts Facebook page. Tell your friends for extra chances to win. To claim prize, you must provide a U.S. shipping address.

Bitty Beady Christmas Tree Supplies Paks and Kits are also available for sale in your choice of color combo with either loose beads to string your own, or beads already strung on project yarn.

Bitty Beady Christmas Tree Supplies Paks and Kits
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25 thoughts on “Weekend Giveaway – Bitty Beady Christmas Tree Kit”

  1. Smallest thing I have knit- I did a bunch of tiny snowmen as ornaments to gift last year, and those scarves and hats for them were TINY. I even made the one set look like a piano pattern for the music teacher in my kids’ program!

  2. For knit, it was a snowflake ornament. I’ve made a couple of items in crochet in thread that were a bit smaller – like a little doll and a tiny crab the size of a quarter.

  3. Thank you for this opportunity Jackie!

    I am absolutely stunned at how much of a challenge thinking back and working out what the smallest item I ever knit was. I don’t think the cast on/cast off chain I make as a button loop counts, so I’m going to say a miniature version of a blue bird pattern I found online is my tinyest project. I made it using Aunt Lydia’s size ten crochet thread on size 2.25 mm needles. the Body and head were knit one piece in the round, then two wings and a tail that were sewn on. And those wings and tail were TINY! The whole bird probably measures less than an inch from beak tip to tail end. It would make an adoreable pin for anyone who wants a blue bird on their shoulder.

  4. I knit a beaded leaf bookmark on #1 needles. It was so pretty I wish I had taken a picture of it before wrapping it up. The tiniest needles used so far in my knitting adventures are size 0’s for the beaded American flag BOBBOL. Didn’t realize I should have used size 0000 for this project so I’ve got my next flag cast on but have not gotten back to it but it is not forgotten! Love the BOBBOL series.

  5. I knit a Tiny Viking, from a tiny mochimochi pattern by Anna Hrachovec, to cheer my son up when he was sick. Knit on U.S. size 1 needles, it was 1 inch tall (or about 1.5 inches if you count the horns on his hat, but not his long blond braids).

  6. Smallest thing I ever knit was the hands for a pirate doll I knit for my daughter. It took 10 tries to get them right — I finally used hands #9 and #10!!!!

  7. The smallest thing I’ve knit (so far) is a tiny shawl, on 00 needles with cobweb lace, for my daughter’s miniature dollhouse. The finished shawl measures about 4″ x 2-1/2″ – and no, I didn’t do lace -that’ll be the next one. I’ve also crocheted a little 1-1/2″ wide basket, which I filled with balls of yarn, and a 2″ x 2″ knit swatch on long straight pins for knitting needles.

  8. The smallest things I have knit were finger puppets for my nieces’ and nephews’ itty bitty fingers. They loves playing with them.

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