Top 14 to Begin 2014

Vote for your favorites in the Top 14 Finalists to Begin 2014

Vote Your Favorites: Top 14 to Begin 2014

Taken from the ‘demand rating’ reported by Shopatron, this is the top 14 list as 2013 ended and 2014 begins. I hope you enjoy seeing the top favorites your fellow knitting friends are interested in.

Are your favorites included? Maybe it’s something you already have, and then you know you are in good company. Or maybe it’s something you’ve missed seeing in the past. You can click the pictures to find out more information and download a free cover sheet for any of the patterns.

Win a Prize … Of these “finalists”, which are your favorites?

Please vote for your favorites below by clicking the “heart” to the upper right of patterns you love. You have up to 10 votes in case you it hard to decide which ones you love the most! Then also leave a comment to complete your entry to win the prize.

As a thank you, I will do a random drawing at the end of the voting period (January 31st) for your choice of one of these finalist patterns to the winner. Be sure to include an email address where I can reach you (the email will only be shown to me as the admin, it will not be publicly displayed).

Note: You must vote as well as comment to qualify for the prize. Voting for more than one favorite does not increase your chances of winning — the extra votes are just to help you avoid struggling in choosing just one. Thank you.

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I would love to hear what you think as that helps me focus new designs for the types of patterns you really like.

Please share your ideas at the HeartStringsFiberArts Facebook page or the Ravelry HeartStrings group.

Or you can write me directly. Looking forward to hearing from you. What you say and share counts!

Written by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer - Visit Website

84 thoughts on “Vote for your favorites in the Top 14 Finalists to Begin 2014”

  1. The votes have been cast and the results are in! Thanks to everyone here for your comments. I hope you enjoyed looking around and reading the comments, too, as much as I did.

    I really appreciate the insights into what you especially like and why. The fun thing about this is that there is no wrong answer.

    As promised, everyone who entered went into a random drawing for choice of their pattern from the Top 14 Finalists. I am pleased to announce the winner: Rose Fu who has selected Swags of Lace Crescent Scarf as her prize. Congratulations Rose!

  2. I love love love the no two snowflakes !! So cute and so true, no two are alike 🙂
    I love the moebius and have not made one, yet. I am in a cowl group and we are to do a moebius. This is it!

  3. The Flared Lacy Smoke Ring is an eye-catcher…so delicate but versatile around the neck area. All of the patterns are great but cowls and scarves are my focus this year. Thanks!

  4. I adore the Filigree Lace Ensemble!

    I want to make this set for my Mom. Due to illness, Mom lost most of her ‘natural insulation’, and is constantly cold.
    Being a petite, dainty lady, the beautiful lace design will definately appeal to her, while keeping her hands and neck warm.

    All of Jackie’s designs inspire me to create and knit for myself and my loved ones. She always offers patterns and ideas that delight and amaze.

    Thank you, Jackie!

  5. Flames of Fall is gorgeous, but I find the way you used the beads in Bead Skinny Scarf intriguing. They really contribute to the shaping and design of the scarf; they’re not just embellishment. Brava!

  6. I wish I had seen the Smoke Ring before I started another pattern, using some lovely yarn my sister gave me for Christmas … !

  7. I love the lovely Flared Lace Smoke Ring (bought the pattern), but really like the small projects: the leafs, snowflakes, and Christmas trees. No one does them like Jackie!

    1. I was able to narrow down my choices to the “Thinking of You” scarf because it is rich looking and my most favorite is the “Swags of Lace Crescent” because it is a simple touch of class to complete an outfit. Thanks BJ

  8. I purchased the beaded trees pattern year before last and they are so fun to make! They are still one of my favorite patterns 🙂

  9. My top two are the Misty Soft Infinity Tube Scarf / Cowl, and the
    Flared Lace Smoke Ring.

    Thank you so much for offering this contest!

  10. I’m a beginner knitter the trees looked simple but elegant and I love love snowflakes of all kinds and they look like a challenge to me at this point in my knitting. Thank you

  11. Swags of Lace crescent shawl is a lovely pattern and can be worn in a number of ways. Shawlettes like these are so versatile and can be worn under a jacket too without being bulky.

  12. I love the Flame Lace Smoke Ring – I have a small amount of cashmere yarn that I could use to make it! I also like the snowflakes – in different colours, they would be ideal for using up small amounts of leftover yarn.

  13. I love the Flared Lace Smoke Ring – I have a small amount of cashmere yarn I could use to make it! I also love the snowflakes – in different colours, they would be ideal for using up leftover yarn.

  14. I just want to congratulate you on another year of amazing patterns, Jackie! I own several of these ‘top 14’ ones, but have only knit one or two …. maybe 2014 is the year! 🙂

  15. Gosh they are all lovely! But I really like the Flared Lace Smoke Ring and the Terzatto Victorian Lace Mitts literally took my breath away!

  16. What a wonderful world we live in where we have so many choices. Everyone is making very good choices as to their favorite as there is no wrong answer. What a boring world if we all liked the same thing. It is so hard to pick one favorite because all of your patterns are beautiful, but I still have to say the No Two Alike Snowflakes is my favorite.

  17. The “Thinking Of You ” scarf is expressive and original ! Something to give you warm comfort on those times when your missing somebody !

  18. The Flared Smoke Ring is my favorite, but I like all of the cowls and mobiuses. Mobii ? Whatever. Good idea letting us vote for more than one.

  19. The leaves are my favourite – so versatile.
    I like to individualise things sometimes and adding n applique leaf or two is one of the ways I do that.

  20. I enjoy receiving your newsletter. Love your creative designs and encouraging approach. The mittens are my favorite with the different designs on the cuffs.

  21. Wow, you have some terrific patterns but I think I like the filigree lace ensemble pattern best, its so hard to choose 😉

  22. I love your designs and your creative thinking. Each item is prettier than the last! Thank you for your careful and clear directions. The smoke ring is gorgeous, as are so many of them.

  23. The beaded trees are charming but I probably need the stress ball more! Have never done a beaded knit project but would like to give it a go, something small to start would be perfect vs. making a shawl-size commitment!

  24. Love these designs – it is hard to choose but my first choice was Soft Cables Moebius. The design looks easy and a beautiful knitt

  25. I love do many of your designs, and already own the Thinking of you scarf…it is definitely one I’d my favorites…but in second place to that would easily be the Misty Soft Infinity Scarf/Cowl. 🙂

  26. The only one I’ve knit (part of) is the leaves (since you shared one of them for the KAL — which I shared with the family as Thanksgiving table decorations and each person took one or more home). But I do love the crescent shawl (with or without beads — I really should become more capable at beading — the only beading I’ve done has been your KALs) and the flames of fall as well.

  27. The Lace Smoke Ring and Soft Cables Moebius are both elegant looking and interesting knitting. The Lacyflakes snowflakes are beautiful little Christmas fantasies!

  28. Thanks for letting us pick favorites! I’ve had the No 2 Alike snowflake set patterns in my to do projects for awhile, and I hope to start them before winter is over.

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