We have a Celebrate Spring Grand Prize Winner!

Congratulations to MarieAnge of Ontaio, Canada for her grand prize winning entry in the Celebrate Spring contest:

My woolens are crinkled, wrinkled and bleak,
No sheep or llama would bleat
What a feat
This would be
If I won wash to make them neat!

For MarieAnge’s efforts in coming up with such a cute poem, as well as running just ahead of a neck-in-neck popularity contest of other creative and amusing entires, she will receive a Unicorn Deluxe Fibre Wash & Rinse 16oz. Gift Set.

Unicorn Fibre makes oh-so-wonderful care products for people who want the best for their fibers. Lucky MarieAnge and her woollens!

It has been  really generous of Unicorn Fibre to offer 3 prizes for our fun contests here this month. I hope you will try their products. Check out the Store Locator.  If you don’t find your favorite local shop listed, encourage them to try a sample! Go here, and after you are hooked you will know what I mean.

Happy Spring to everyone!

Written by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer - Visit Website

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