What kind of project are you?

Just for fun – take this easy survey. There’s just one question, but I promise it will get you thinking about how you usually approach your knitting projects. Click here to cast your vote on “what kind of project are you?”.

The Day Dreamer – The joy for you is the anticipation and the search. You dream of the ideal project as you surf books, magazines and the internet in search of that illusive project that will match the vision in your inner soul.

The Collector – The joy for you is in the yarn shopping for the phantom project that may or may never come to pass. Even putting a gorgeous skein of yarn on display as a centerpiece on your table, or a basket arranged with pretty balls of yarn,  would be enough to give you satisfaction as a project well done.

The Dabbler – The joy for you is getting underway with needles and yarn in hand to become friends with your yarn. As you sample and swatch, the feel of fiber through your hands as it transforms into even the simplest of fabrics is enough to satisfy your longing to find another best friend.

The Starter – The joy for you is seeing those first few inches of your yarn being transformed into the beginnings of the final knitted item you envision. It’s oftentimes a struggle to keep interest going beyond that, and your project was really destined all along as an UFO (unfinished object) rather than the completed sweater, or sock, or whatever that had originally been your intent.

The Long Distance Runner – The joy for you is in the process; the miles and miles of yarn that run through fingers as the project grows keep you in that continual feeling of euphoria. You know there is a finish line, but are not necessarily looking forward to when it is time to stop.

The Finisher – The joy for you is seeing the last few stitches being released from the needles. If you are a lace knitter, there is always a magic moment at the finale when the lace is blocked out to show all of its airy beauty.

The Gifter – The joy is in the giving, whether it is to someone else or even yourself! The project was meant to be used or worn all along, and that is the whole reason  you set on the journey to make the item to begin with.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments. I appreciate your time in completing the survey question. I will run a tally and announce the results when I close the survey later this month. Stay tuned to what’s going on at HeartStrings by any (or all) of these communications:

Happy knitting,

Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer (Jackie E-S)
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8 thoughts on “What kind of project are you?”

  1. I am a Dabbler, a Starter and, most especially, a gifter. The wonderful Sock Therapy kit that I won will almost assuredly be given to someone in a local hospital or nursing home. Thank you sooo much for the gift. I love it!

  2. I am the long distance runner, once I have figured out the pattern, I enjoy just the art of knitting. I end up starting something by impulse, working almost all the way through and then have this huge plastic tote of projects just waiting to be finished and blocked. I know there are people out there that really like the finishing process, maybe someday I will find them and we can work together.

  3. What an impossible choice! I am part daydreamer, spending hours pouring over my stash, books, magazines and numerous websites. I am a collector, hence the stash. I am a long distance runner, finding a soothing meditative joy in the art of knitting, which has satisfied me for over half a century. I am also a finisher, albeit not a lover of blocking and seaming. And lastly, I am a gifter, especially to the babies and children I both know and don’t know.

  4. I am laughing at this survey as I think about the bowl of yarn I have on the living room table and the basket full of sock yarn, with the skeins arranged like a bouquet, under the window! O enjoy seeing the yarn but it doesn’t stay long as I am a gifter, too. I am bits and pieces of others, also but that description of the collector made my day! Lots of luck with the site.

  5. I’ve knitted before, but more as a hobby, and to see if I could teach myself how it’s done. My goal was to make gifts with it, so I guess I’m a gifter!

  6. I am a collector, dabbler, starter with more sewing projects for my dolls & kids all over the place than I care to count! This so hits home for me! Thanks!

  7. I think I’m a multiple actually – I’m a collector, a long distance runner AND a gifter. I love nothing more than collecting wool, and holding a stash of it till I can find a perfect gift for people, but at the same time, I love knitting HUGE shawls.
    Great thoughts though – it’d be great to see how others see their knitting.

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