Survey Results – What Kind of Project Are You?

The votes are in for the “What Kind of Project Are You?” survey. Hot off the tally sheet, here are the results. As a reminder, you can see the just-for-fun project definitions that were posted earlier this month. For easy reference while taking the survey, the definitions were also included within the survey itself.

Survey results - What Kind of Project Are You?
Survey Results - What Kind of Project Are You? (click to enlarge)

This graph shows the relative number of project personas reported by 307 survey respondents. I intentionally asked that only one project persona be chosen, which even for me was very difficult. This survey was just intended to be a fun exercise to reflect on our passion and motivation(s) for knitting.

As you can see, The Gifter took the lead, with The Long Distance Runner and The Day Dreamer coming in as close second places.

I also allowed for additional open-ended responses in the survey. I think you will enjoy reading these survey comments that I posted on a page at my HeartStrings FiberArts website.

By the way, if you are a stickler for details, you likely will see that the percentages and response counts on the enlarged graph do not quite add up to 100%. That is because about 4 people just left comments. They probably just couldn’t decide on one answer!

Thank you so much for everyone’s participation. It was fun for me, and I hope it was for you, too.

p.s. There were also a few comments that were posted with the original survey announcement on this blog. You are welcome to add any additional comments there or here, especially if you missed the official survey.

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