crunchy vs. soggy cereal

Sunday musings about breakfast cereal …

For many years (i.e. basically my whole life), I hardly ever would eat cereal. For many different reasons, it was my least favorite breakfast food. I guess tastes change. Or eating choices improve. Or maybe it was just a matter of finding the right brand of cereal. Because now I have done a complete turn-around, and my breakfasts include cereal almost everyday.

What has not changed, is that I HATE soggy cereal. So my preferred cold cereal is by Nature’s Path. Their organic, natural grains cereals really hold up to the milk. I especially like the low-sugar, low-fat ones like Heritage Flakes and Heritage Bites. Add some sliced bananas and dried cranberries, and I am all set to crunch down on a great start to the day.

Crunchy cereal
Crunchy cereal

On the other hand, John intentionally leaves his cereal to “sog”. He fixes his bowl of cereal, pours in the milk, then walks away for about an hour while all the milk is sopped up into the cereal. Yuck. But that is how he likes it. Go figure.

Soggy cereal
Soggy cereal

So, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. What’s yours? Are you a crunchy cereal or soggy cereal person?

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2 thoughts on “crunchy vs. soggy cereal”

  1. A vote for hate soggy cereal here!

    Have to eat it right away, as soon as the milk is poured on.

    Sliced bannana and cranberries sounds delicious!

    I have gotten mixed dried fruit from the bulk section of the grocery store to add to mine.

    Another idea from the South Beach Diet book is to use cereal, fruit and yogurt.

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