childhood memorabilia for a fiber-y future

Look what was in a box of my memoribilia I recently came across. Not sure how old I would have been when I made this. And frankly, I don’t even remember it, lol. It looks like it is recycled cotton balls from pill jars glued onto a cardboard cutout. (weird — cotton balls for a wool sheep?) Just goes to show I’ve been a sheepy lover since a young age even though didn’t know much about fiber in those days.

A Cotton Sheep?

Do you have childhood memorabilia that are harbingers of your passion for things fiber-y and crafty?


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3 thoughts on “childhood memorabilia for a fiber-y future”

  1. I have a small dress that hangs on my office wall… an eyelet ruffled lace doll dress made for one of my sisters’ dolls when I was about 12. I’m pretty amazed when I look at it… it’s well made and complicated for a kid (I made up the patern too). Many years later I design and sew costumes for a living…
    Who knew?

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