The ‘art gallery curator’ of knitting patterns

I am impressed with Julia and her new PATTERNFISH service for downloadable patterns. She’s like the curator of a fine art gallery, giving thoughtful composure to reviews and providing value-add insights to knitters looking for just the right pattern. Not to mention that the PATTERNFISH service itself has a great search engine to its extensive catalog of pattern offerings.

Patternfish, the online pattern store Julia writes: “I’ve long thought that if patterns were described the way fine garments are in catalogues, people would respect them more. And since no one else was doing it– outside of magazines– I am.”
I am pleased to have PATTERNFISH now offering several designs in downloadable format from my HeartStrings patterns collections. As a special release, the new Lace Puffs Smoke Ring pattern will debut as a first-time published digital edition on Patternfish. Watch for it on PATTERNFISH soon. Lace Puffs Smoke Ring
Written by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer - Visit Website

One thought on “The ‘art gallery curator’ of knitting patterns”

  1. Dear Jackie, Congratulations. This looks sculptural! It is absolutely beautiful. I love how the lace changes as it moves along. I am so glad you wrote of patternfish, as I have never heard of it, and i am on Ravelry under Halalsilks.

    I wonder what style of knitting you do, continental, combination, how fast you go!!
    You have very lovely taste, thanks for letting us share in your joy,

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