A small(-er) family reunion

Today is my Daddy’s birthday. Even though he is no longer with us, I am singing “Happy Birthday” in my heart. Just like he used to say to me that I would always be his little girl, well … he will always be my Daddy and have a permanent place in my heart and thoughts.

The Erickson Family at parent's 45th wedding anniversary
Looking back - The Erickson Family at parent's 45th wedding anniversary

I am very fortunate that my family has always been close, even though separated by distance spanning one coast of the US (and into Canada) to the other ever since we moved from the Chicago area when I was quite young. After my Mommy passed away in the 90’s, Daddy moved closer to my two sisters and I. The move he made was from Arizona to Georgia (where my youngest sister Marilyn lives). It made sense to him (and finally to me) that he chose the mid location of his 3 daughters. (I live in Louisiana and my other sister Carolyn lives in North Carolina.)

Marilyn and Daddy - A given was to always have a jigsaw puzzle out to be worked on
Daddy and Marilyn - A given was to always have a jigsaw puzzle out that we could all work on

Now that move of my Dad’s was not very close for either Carolyn or myself. It wasn’t like “just drop in down the street”. So we 3 girls started a family tradition of us all getting together with Daddy at a time around his birthday. And that is what we will be doing this week. It is our small family reunion, albeit smaller than before. Even though my Daddy will not be there as such, I know his presence will be felt.

Here’s to you Daddy — Happy Birthday! I love you.

Daddy with 2 of his 3 "little" girls: Jackie and Carolyn
Daddy with 2 of his 3 "little" girls - Jackie and Carolyn

p.s. Did you notice the rhyming of the 3 daughter’s names? Jacquelin, Carolyn and Marilyn!

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  1. Beautiful post! My father died in 2004 and I will never be the same. He called me “Baby Girl” right up to his death when I was about 35. Thanks for sharing!

    All these personal blogs in the challenge are making me want to create a personal one! 😮

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