These shoes are made for walking

Do you remember the song “These Boots Are Made for Walking?” recorded by Nancy Sinatra years ago? That song keeps running through my mind as I admire my new Merrell shoes that I just got this past week. The style is called Moab Ventilator. Cool shoes. They’ll be put to good use later this month as I plan to do a lot of walking around San Francisco to see the sights. I also got a pair of the Loreili style, which looks like a cute Mary Jane shoe — I plan to wear those for non-intensive activites and casual dress-up.

My new Merrell Moab Ventilator shoes

Which reminds me … I need to post a notice on my HeartStrings FiberArts website that we’ll be closed for wholesale shipments April 16 – 27. Fortunately, I have several distributors that are available to get pattern orders out to ¬†shops. Also, all the downloadable pattern sites will continue to be available. But if you try to contact me personally, be prepared for a delay, because I’ll be walkin’ and playin’!

p.s. If you are in the San Francisco area and want to maybe meet up sometime while I am there, let me know. My traveling companion has a full schedule laid out for us (and he isn’t a knitter), but maybe we can at least visit a little while. We’ll be staying at the Chateau Tivoli.

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5 thoughts on “These shoes are made for walking”

  1. Merrell shoes are really great! They have designs that will surely fit every mountaineers needs for their perfect shoes. I also got one for hiking and mountaineering..And I love it. Its been great for over 3 yrs of use(should I say overuse!lol)

  2. I did not heard about that song. Anyway, I like your shoes, it looks very cool and comfortable to wear. I think that would be also good for jogging right???

  3. Does it mean we’re old if we remember the “SONG”? Love walking and love your walkers. Do hope you enjoy your walking holiday. Here everyone thinks it’s beneath them to walk about. My son and me walk miles everyday, and we enjoy ourselves, to boot. Oh, and whatever you knit on your holiday, keep small and easy. I would knit toys, or baby clothes, etc. Enjoy yourself!

  4. Love your shoes!!! Yes I di remember..LOL LOL You have a great time and enjoy. Wish I was near you I would meet up with you…Enjoy your vacation…remember to knit once in awhile…

    Yes it does look like honey comb stitch..But I should have realized that it would not be possiable with the yarn you are using which by the way is beautiful!!! Did I say that already? LOL
    Have a great time Jackie
    Love life and family!

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