Joy Cyr’s Beaded Winter Wonderland Socks

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I love to see projects that people have worked up using HeartStrings patterns. And I do count myself fortunate that I can actually see. There is a reason for that statement, so read on to find out why.

Here’s winter-themed inspiration that should be right in keeping with the snowy weather that a good part or the country has been seeing. They are Beaded Winter Wonderland socks knitted by Joy Cyr (and yes, those are tiny beads that she has knitted into her lovely socks). She actually sent me pictures and comments almost a year ago. I have since then had it on my to-do list to tell you about them — sometimes I can be terribly slow! I hope that you will enjoy seeing and hearing Joy’s story as much as I have.

Joy Cyr's Socks
Joy Cyr's Socks

I wanted to thank you again so very very much for transcribing the beaded chart for the Winter Wonderland Socks for me.  In an act of rampant self indulgence (I still had gifts to make but they were going to be Very late anyway) I cast on my first cuff on Boxing Day and enjoyed every moment of making my Gorgeous socks.  I got held up along the way but was able to wear them on January 24th, (my birthday) for the first time.  That made it a celebration all by itself.  I adore them!  They are lovely and you’ve placed the beads so well that I can see the design without anyone having to explain it to me.  Unfortunately the piece of yarn I carried along for the snow at the bottom was too close to the off white (undyed wool) colour of the socks themselves to show up, but I only found that out after I was into the foot and I can’t say it damaged my affection for them in the slightest.  My Mother kindly took the pictures of them for me and now that she has sent copies to me I wanted to share them with you.  I am Really grateful for your help.  (So is my Mother, now that she’s seen them she wants a pair for herself, and another as a birthday present for a friend of hers, … guess my summer knitting has been taking care of!)

Isn’t that heart-warming? Well, it is to me … because, you see, Joy is totally blind. Remember when I blogged earlier this year about “Anyone can see … (not)“? This is the knitter I was referring to in that article. I do hope you will also take a few moments to browse and enjoy Joy’s original artwork at

I look forward to making many more of your patterns and want to thank you again for making them available in an accessible format.  It is wonderful to be able to make the kind of pieces one enjoys working, giving and wearing.  It is also much more comfortable to feel confident in the description of the finished item, and the quality of the instructions.

Joy's Socks
Joy's Socks

Thank you, Joy, for sharing with us. And an early happy birthday to you! Can you believe almost a whole year has flown by again?!

p.s. Information about pattern and kits for Beaded Winter Wonderland Socks is at the HeartStrings FiberArts website.

Written by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer - Visit Website

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  1. Jackie, at first I was thinking – hmmm knitted socks seem hard! But wow, Joy’s such an inspiration, I’ll have to have a go at knitting luxurious socks myself I think 🙂 Thank you for sharing this.

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