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John called and said he’d make oatmeal cookies for me and bring them on Saturday. What a good man. 🙂 I have a favorite recipe and offered to email it to him. Least I could do. lol

Fastest way to get this recipe sent off in an email was to scan the recipe card I had in my old technology recipe box, then save the scan and send as  jpg picture.

Dorothy's oatmeal cookies recipe
Dorothy's oatmeal cookies recipe

Dorothy Young was my son Tommy’s (William Young aka Bill) great aunt. It’s nice to pull out the recipes for family classics like this.

I used to make these quite often when I had people around to help me eat them. But since the household dwindled to just me, it’s been a long time since I’ve had any. I’d been thinking recently of making some for the holidays (there’s always places I could take to share them!). John must have been reading my mind.

Did anyone else keep their recipes on the Current, Inc’s recipe cards like this? I actually still have some blank ones. Definitely old technology, including manual typewritten. If you look closely at the enlarged picture, I think you can even see where I had used a bit of white-out to make a correction, lol.

Old manual typewriter
Old manual typewriter

So many advancements since then. But these tried and true favorite recipes stay long time friends.

What is your favorite cookie recipe?

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4 thoughts on “oatmeal cookies”

  1. Jackie,

    The recipe says to add the soda and baking powder in the boiling water last, but the recipe doesn’t mention baking powder up to this point. About how much do you use?

    I’m a shortbread cookie girl myself.

    1. Darned if I know, but I am guessing 1 tsp. Ya’ never know what ‘secret’ ingredient might have been overlooked as recipes are passed down. Can’t believe I typed this out almost 50 years ago, so am not sure if I just assumed the quantity (and was running out of typing space) or if it was left off the original. I’ll check with John what he ends up doing.

    2. I have been wondering about that myself while trying very hard to remember what I would have done when I made these. I bet I just used the baking soda and salt dissolved in the hot water. Wish I had been better at making notes back then. (I do better at that now, thank goodness!)

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