Hand-mashed potatoes

Does anyone do hand-mashed potatoes anymore? ┬áThere is an incredible textural substance and appeal for me in something like this — especially when the potato skins are left on (attributing that to making it a healthier dish for all those carbs I am going to enjoy). Besides, pounding that manual potato masher down into the pot really drives off any frustrations and stress from the day, lol.

There are no photos tonight because I am typing as I eat. Some garam marsale (Indian spice mixture), cayenne, shopped banana pepper (from the garden) along with the usual ground sea salt and black peppercorns make the taste buds perk up, too. Wish you were here to enjoy some with me!

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5 thoughts on “Hand-mashed potatoes”

  1. Hand mashed takes only a few minutes more than “instant” and are so much better. I swear to my Irish heritage, anything potato is wonderful … skins (filled with bacon and melted cheese,) baked, even sweet is growing on me! When my kids were little we made 5 pounds at a time and little was left over!

  2. Oh I think you forgot the heavy cream,butter and the milk.I really loved mashed potato,oh God I’m hungry now. Anyway,thanks for sharing this. It’s been so long that I did not make this recipe and now you give me an idea to make it again.

  3. Could not agree more. Perhaps particularly when they are mashed with roasted garlic, or (expensive heaven) black truffle paste. But plainer with fresh ground black pepper and cultured butter. Hungry now!

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