A bounteous harvest of Thai peppers

I feel like singing a jingle something along the lines of “pick a peck of peppers”. Amazingly, my single Thai pepper plant I grew this summer, was still going strong all through the fall and into winter. It was approaching 5 feet tall and was huge around, just loaded with dense peppers everywhere. I’ve had such a bounteous harvest! Yes, these slim little guys grow upwards like this. Aren’t they cute?

Thai peppers grow upwards to the sky
Thai peppers grow upwards to the sky

Do you need any Thai chili peppers? I have plenty, plenty to share.

Picked dried Thai peppers (with stems removed)
Picked dried Thai peppers (with stems removed)

I don’t actually have a peck, but it certainly has felt like I was reaching that quantity after picking, and picking, and picking some more. In case you do not know, a peck is 2 gallons = 8 quarts i.e. 1/4 bushel. At just about 2 inches in length, these slim peppers pack really tight into a container … meaning a peck of them would be … well, way more than I am willing to count. Here’s a photo comparing a U.S. quarter to the size of these peppers.

The peppers average about 2 inches long
Even just one of these small Thai peppers can impart an incredibly hot, spicy punch to your favorite dish

Even a small container will probably last anyone quite a while, because just one can really spice up a dish. These things are hot-hot. Good thing we like hot, spicy food here in New Orleans, lol.

It was a bonus that I enjoyed a colorful plant all through the summer, fall and even into the winter. The cut stems of plant while the peppers are drying make colorful decorations, too.

Thai peppers are colorful decorative plants
Thai peppers are colorful decorative plants

I’ve now cut back the plant to the ground, but am already seeing new growth. Looks like there could be even more hot peppers from this same plant in the future. I guess I should name it Pick-A-Peck-O-Peppers.

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