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Halloween costume memories

Memories … memories. This picture is from Halloween many, many years ago.

That is me on the left (so happy to be a princess finally). On the right is middle sister dressed in the clown costume I was relegated to until I grew out of it (It was functional, though, because you could wear a jacket under the costume in cold weather — we were living in Chicago area at the time — nonetheless I hated that costume and was glad to hand it down!).

Obviously, youngest sister (in the middle) did not go tricker-treating that night (but isn’t she a sweetie?).

Love these memories, and I am sending special love to my sisters  tonight, too.

p.s. Yes, that is my real hair with those long curls.

Happy Halloween Spooky Beaded Treat skull puzzle

Happy Halloween! I believe in treats rather than tricks, so here is a little something just for fun this Halloween day. I created an online puzzle using a detail stitch photo of the Spooky Beaded Treat skull.

Want to play? Click the picture below to start the puzzle and report back with your best time in putting the pieces back together again!

Best wishes to you and yours for a safe, spooky fun Halloween.

p.s. Spooky Beaded Treat Wristlets and Matching Socks pattern is available from stores and online download sites selling HeartStrings patterns.

childhood memorabilia for a fiber-y future

Look what was in a box of my memoribilia I recently came across. Not sure how old I would have been when I made this. And frankly, I don’t even remember it, lol. It looks like it is recycled cotton balls from pill jars glued onto a cardboard cutout. (weird — cotton balls for a wool sheep?) Just goes to show I’ve been a sheepy lover since a young age even though didn’t know much about fiber in those days.

A Cotton Sheep?

Do you have childhood memorabilia that are harbingers of your passion for things fiber-y and crafty?


email glitch — so sorry

I apologize to anyone here who got a slew of emails from my blog this afternoon. Here is what happened — I had an incorrect setting on my blog but it is ok now.

To correct this, I removed all email notifications on the blog. If anyone does actually want to get emails of blog comments made by other people, just check the box that says “Check this box to receive new comment notification emails for this topic” when you post your next comment for that topic. Of course, you can always just come here to the blog and look, too (which I hope you will do often).

I hope I have not caused too much anguish and that you can forgive me. Computers! — gotta love them — gotta hate them. Back to our knitting and fun, ok?

Find solace and strength

Today I found this in the box in the attic that I had not looked through in ages. It is a hand-written sheet of paper from many, many years ago written to me by my yet-to-be husband Johnny. It is not dated, but it would have been in the 1989 timeframe when I was having some serious problems in life. I hope its message brings you encouragement in a time of need as it did for me.

“Find solace in the strength we give each other. 

Those who have come before serve only to appreciate what we have or what we want and to qualify those dreams.

When the victim, find peace & pride in that you could not be the culprit, it is not in your nature.

Never stoop to the level of those who would hurt you for you become your own enemy. It is the goodness in you that lets you become the victim and that same goodness will let you be at peace with yourself.”

Although I lost Johnny in the flesh when he died from cancer in 2001, it is little things like this that ever remind me that his kind soul lives on and he is always with me. Thanks be to God.