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$1 for You; $1 for Cancer Research

let someone know they are special

Let’s fight cancer together. Purchase the pattern for Thinking of You Too Hat at Ravelry with coupon code FIGHTCANCER and get $1 off through October 31, 2014. I also contribute $1 to the American Cancer Society.

Thinking of You Too Hat in the cancer awareness edition
Thinking of You Too Hat in the cancer awareness edition

As you knit this hat, be mindful of how Thinking of You Too reinforces the message that the bonds of loving friendship (interlocking hearts) will prevail in the face of the twists and turns of life (wavy eyelet ribbing).

Thinking of You Too incorporates symbolic elements similar to those in the Thinking of You Scarf I designed in 2006 and is still a favorite of knitters.

Whether making the hat and scarf as a coordinating set, or making just the hat by itself, you can let someone know they are special.

Save a Life (maybe your own)
Remember your breast cancer screenings. And remind the women in your life that regular screenings can help find and treat breast cancer sooner – and even save a life.

breast cancer screening resources

There are also things you can do to help lower your risk. Studies have consistently shown that active women are 25% less likely to develop breast cancer. Adding a brisk morning or after-dinner walk to your routine is easy. You can literally take steps to help lower your risk of developing breast cancer every day. Getting to and staying at a healthy weight and limiting your alcohol intake to one drink a day can help, too.

The first snowfall and I missed it

As I mentioned in my Playing in the Leaves post, I was able to be at the Colorado home to take in the magical changing of the leaves for the first time in a long time. Shortly after leaving Colorado to return to Louisiana’s heat and humidity (ugh!), the last gasp of Fall left and was replaced with the first snowfall. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I missed that. So I asked John to take a few quick pictures so that I (and you <g>) could enjoy the setting from afar. Here they are —

An almost perfect Christmas card scene with snow on the large blue spruce tree across the street

Picture 1 of 3

What a difference in the picture of the aspen tree here compared to the golden-leaved tree there just a few days before. And the rose blooms of Smelling the Roses is now replaced with a soft blanket of snow.

As you can see in the pictures, the snow was already melting from the road and driveway by the time John got out to take the pictures. And it’s interesting that after those few days of cold, the weather will now be in the 60’s during the day there. Sounds lovely to me, too. Maybe next year I will be able to spend more time in the late Fall in Colorado to see the first snowfall for myself.

Playing in the Leaves

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve actually spent time in a Fall season setting. Watching the daily (sometimes hourly!) changes as the leaves turn colors is magical. And shuffling through piles of drying leaves, hearing their faint crackle and swooshing sounds, makes me feel like a kid playing in the leaves again.

Some of you might remember seeing an aspen tree in the photo I had of John’s patio with the cedar glider. See What is your favorite knitting spot?

Here are some more recent photos I was able to quickly take before leaving the beautiful Fall weather in Colorado last week to return home

These childhood memories were the inspiration for designs in my Playing in the Leaves pattern. It’s been really, really nice to be able to relive some of those memories at John’s new house in Colorado this Fall.

I Love Yarn EVERY Day

“I Love Yarn Day” is today, October 12th. The day that the Craft Yarn Council has designated to affirm our passion for yarn. Like I need an excuse, lol.

I think it is great to bring focus on something that can be loved. Like Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, or …? Why not Yarn Day?

Strengthening the yarn industry is a good thing. Encouraging, preserving and advancing the skills in textile arts is a good thing. It’s about retaining the role of individual creativity in an ever-increasingly technological society.

Citing Rumplestiltskin when he expanded on the metaphor of  spinning straw into gold:

“Those who do it are really saying that technology will never entirely replace individual creativity”

How do I love yarn? Let me count the ways … (don’t have enough fingers or toes to count all the ways, lol!)

Or rather, just know that I have never met a “bad” yarn. Some of you might remember the motto from the Looking at Yarns in a New Way class that I used to teach:

There is no bad yarn, just yarn looking for a good purpose

So today, as in most days, I live yarn and do what I can to bring together people in many walks of life with the joys, skills, and inspiration of textile arts. In my small, humble way, this seems to be the inner core of what I was meant to do.

What is your favorite knitting spot?

Looking out the back door of John’s new patio home. I am so glad we have an Aspen right here in the back yard. I am really liking the neighborhood and Greeley, Colorado.


I love the outdoors, so I am claiming this cedar glider as my favorite knitting spot on nice days when I visit John in his new patio home. There’s even room for you to join me.

Can’t you just see us sipping our coffee? (or I could make tea if you prefer)

Besides liking the outdoors, I have always loved swings, rocking chairs, the gentle rocking of a boat while fishing … well you get the idea. Even as a little gray-haired lady now, I can’t pass up a kids playground with swings without wanting to hop on. I know … very silly, but I guess I am still a kid at heart.

Aaah … day dreams. Oh well, gotta get back to work in my studio. The computer is like a slave driver these days, lol. But seriously, there WILL be time for relaxing. Remember to Take Time to Smell the Roses.

Now let’s hear from you .. What is your favorite place to knit? (it can be in your dreams or reality!)