I’m learning bunches at Lynda.com – you can too

I love learning things. I have loved it all my life. I was the kind of kid who liked going to school for the thrill of learning new things.

Lynda.com Online Training is one of my favorite places to continue to learn. They do say continuing to learn keeps you young, right? I mostly focus on the computer software and internet marketing tools I use, or want to use, in my business HeartStrings FiberArts. But even after 3 years with them, I am still amazed at how much more they offer! I bet you can find lots there that would appeal to you, too.

I wanted to give you a glimpse into the class I am taking now — Photoshop Color Correction: Fundamentals.

The following free sample lesson is titled “No such thing as color images”. Take a look —

Did you enjoy that? Every lesson at Lynda.com is like this with a good pace and examples that clearly demonstrate the concepts being taught. It’s just a few minutes but packs a bunch of great stuff into a short time — that’s important for my busy schedule! I always learn at least one new thing in each and every lesson of a class, or a new twist on something, that keeps me excited about learning even more.

I encourage you to try more of the free lessons or even better to sign-up for a subscription plan at Lynda.com.

Still not sure? Here is a trial offer: get 7 days of free unlimited access to lynda.com.

lynda.com online training tutorials

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate link(s) to one of the products or services that I recommend and myself use. If you click on a link and then you buy something, I will receive a tiny commission from that purchase. I did not create this site with the intention of making money, but a little extra cash for the “HeartStrings” fund never hurts. Thanks for your support and understanding.

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